My name is Tyler, and I enjoy brewing beer! While brew days are a great way to relax and I have delicious beer always available on tap, what really draws me to brewing is the process. As an incessant tinkerer, it provides endless opportunity for learning and creativity in process design, electronics, programming, and craftsmanship.

The Internet has been a great resource for me. Between the brewing forums such as Home Brew Talk, maker resources like Adafruit, open source initiatives such as Arduino and Apache, and great hits on countless Google searches, I’ve learned volumes. The goal of this blog is to contribute back to these communities. There are many tech inclined brewers who have created some impressive rigs. The Electric Brewery is my favorite, but the forums are full of many examples of clean, robustly designed systems. They are excellent resources

My approach is less polished. I sacrifice pragmatism for experimentation. I iterate. I go well past the point of absurdity, but it’s fun and different! I hope I can find interesting and unique methods of accomplishing brewing objectives. Maybe something useful will even come out of it!

Lastly, it’s always important to understand the source. I grew up in Louisiana and come from a long line of engineers. I studied Chemical Engineering at Louisiana State University and worked briefly as an engineer for Dow Chemical. I studied medicine at LSU-HSC in New Orleans, completed a surgical internship at Tulane University in New Orleans, and am currently in a Radiology residency at Oregon Health and Science University.


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